BasicCare, a better Alternative to National Healthcare offered at the State Level

Diane Richardson, August 24, 2015

A better alternative to National Healthcare is BasicCare,
as conceived by Kathryn Murphy Brown, with suggestions by me

Instate BasicCare Provider Agreement (Draft)

Services shall mean all services approved by BasicCare, including all physician services, all surgical services, all hospital services, all outpatient services, and all products and medications. BasicCare will not reimburse for anything not includes in approved services.

Board shall mean the state governing board for BasicCare.

Provider shall mean each and every Provider approved by the governing board of BasicCare.

All Services are to be specified by the Board.

All Providers are to be vetted by the Board.

All new Providers shall be vetted by approved Providers that provide equivalent services.

All Providers shall agree to provide services based on their prevailing instate rates, but shall not exceed a billing rate of more than 20% of the instate average for that service.

BasicCare does not reimburse for hospital Emergency Services unless approved by the Board.

The official language of BasicCare is English; BasicCare does not reimburse for language translation services.

Providers that commit fraud of any kind (double billing, billing for services not provided, false patient billing, etc) shall be immediately disqualified from providing service for BasicCare and the persons involved in the theft shall be forever disqualified from providing Services for BasicCare.

Providers shall agree to occasional audits.

Providers shall not transfer authority to provide Service for BasicCare without BasicCare's written permission.

Providers shall only bill BasicCare using BasicCare's electronic billing system, which shall be used to provide approved payments.

All contracts shall be considered 'at will' allowing the Provider and BasicCare to terminate the contract agreement with 30 days written notice.

I/We agree to these terms.


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BasicCare Authorizing Authority

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